Meet Nightcolours

Iván - Fusky

Having been born in 1975, I grew up under the influence of my father´s Yashica camera. After finishing my Engineering degree, I made the decision to focus on my father's greatest passion, photography.
Macro photography, animals and landscapes were my favorite disciplines until I discovered the exciting world of night photography.
Thanks to long exposure, I discovered a new, hidden world that awaits us in the night. The ability to combine landscape, lightpainting techniques and imagination in a photo allows me to communicate the message I want to convey in my shots.
So I can tell stories without the help of editing software, but rather the natural beauty nature. In short, I can get magical and unique effects to the extent of qualifying as a finalist in world renowned competitions such as Fancine 2011.
A few years ago I created my blog where I write about my experiences in photography, and try to contribute ideas that may help other photographers find what awaits them in the night, by explaining how to perform particular shots, keeping no secrets, and sharing all details. Currently I write on various digital publications, with articles on night photography, as in the known blog DZOOM. I am also part of the creative team of Lunatics hyperfocal community dedicated to night photography where the tricks of the trade are shared.

Paco Farero

My world moves with the steps of my passions, my family, my friends and my hobbies. In recent years a great passion that has made me feel fulfilled, is the one that allows me to express myself without having to talk, but rather to transmit what I have inside and share it without words. The night and the sound of her silence, one with nature, is something mystic and enchanting that gives me such joy. Another gratifying part of night photography is the camaraderie and teamwork involved in making a piece art. It is a combination of perspectives and skill.
Throughout my life I have always been drawn to photography. My technical training has given me a conception of space and composition as a solid basis for my work, which together with specialized courses received at night, and take the field with great on the subject, let me addressing a location with certain guarantees.
Amateur night photography since 2009, with Nightcolours Fusky we have created a different workshop, personalized, practical, attention to detail and an affordable price.
Where the teacher gets off the stage and one more. Want to find out?
For any questions, feedback, recommendations or anything else you can think of, please feel free to reach out at any time by writing to info@pacofarero.com